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Conference on approaches to studying food and drink in past societies

The Institut français d'archéologie orientale and Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology Research Center in Cairo are organizing an international...[more]

Category: conferences, Centre in Cairo 06.03.2018


Workshop: Monasticism in the Nile Valley

The PCMA Research Centre in Cairo will host a workshop “Monasticism in the Nile Valley” that it co-organizes with the Department of Egypt and Nubia,...[more]

Category: Centre in Cairo, conferences 19.09.2017

Conference Red Sea 8: incense, beads and Indian steel

Conference Red Sea 8: Coveted Treasure opens on Tuesday 4th July at the University of Warsaw. Participants representing scientific institutions in 17...[more]

Category: conferences 28.06.2017

Workshop “Arabian Red Sea Route”

The workshop will be held at the University of Warsaw on 3 July. It aims at providing an opportunity to exchange ideas on the ancient trade in the...[more]

Category: conferences, research 28.06.2017

Smelting Indian steel – an archaeological experiment

An attempt at reconstructing the process of smelting ancient Indian steel will be made during an experiment at the State Archaeological Museum in...[more]

Category: conferences, other 28.06.2017

PCMA Seminar: Naqlun 1986–2016

A one-day workshop will present the results of 30 years of research in the monastery in Naqlun on the outskirts of the Fayum Oasis in Egypt. The...[more]

Category: lectures, conferences 19.06.2017

Red Sea 8 and Arabian Red Sea Route – preliminary conference program

A preliminary program of the conference „Red Sea 8: Coveted Treasure” and the accompanying workshop „Arabian Red Sea Route” that will be held in July...[more]

Category: conferences 08.06.2017

Conference: Poles on the Nile 2016/2017

The annual conference „Poles on the Nile”, co-organized by the Department of the Archaeology of Egypt and Nubia (Institute of Archaeology, University...[more]

Category: conferences, research 30.05.2017

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