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ERC grant for PCMA

Dr Artur Obłuski (photo University of Warsaw)

A Starting Grant was awarded by the European Research Centre to Dr Artur Obłuski from the Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology, University of...[more]

Category: research, distinctions 11.08.2017

Conservation award for PCMA architect

fot. PCMA Archives

Dr Wojciech Kołątaj will receive the Professor Jan Zachwatowicz Award for his achievements in the conservation of heritage sites. The award is...[more]

Category: distinctions 05.12.2016

Rewards from Luxor Times Magazine for Polish missions

[Translate to English:] Fot. S. Buławka

Two PCMA projects received Luxor Times Egyptology Awards this February in Luxor Mummification Museum. They were presented to mission directors by the...[more]

Category: distinctions, Centre in Cairo 23.02.2016

School named after Professor Kazimierz Michałowski

(fot. A. Szymczak)

The founder of the Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology, University of Warsaw, was elected as patron of gymnasium (middle school) in Podkowa...[more]

Category: distinctions, other 16.12.2015

The Clio book prize for Prof. Tomasz Waliszewski

Fot. A. Szymczak

The Director of the PCMA, Prof. Tomasz Waliszewski has been awarded the Clio prize of the first degree for his book Elaion. Olive Oil Production in...[more]

Category: distinctions, publications 04.12.2015

Krystyna Polaczek patron of new reading room in the PCMA Research Centre in Cairo

Fot. A. Wieczorek

In one of the newly renovated rooms of the lower floor of the house at Mahalla, a new reading room was arranged. Researchers, students and...[more]

Category: Centre in Cairo, other, distinctions 10.11.2015

Honorary “Bene Merito” distinction for Dr. Zbigniew E. Szafrański

Dr Zbigniew Szafrański and wife Kate at the Research Center in Cairo University of Warsaw in Heliopolis, ceremony of decorating with the “Bene Merito” distinction on 19 October 2015 (fot. A. Wieczorek)

Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs Grzegorz Schetyna awarded Dr Zbigniew Szafrański of the Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology University of...[more]

Category: distinctions, Centre in Cairo 20.10.2015

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