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Habilitation for Dr. Mahmoud El-Tayeb

On 23 October 2013 Dr. Mahmoud El-Tayeb successfully completed the habilitation process at the Faculty of History of the University of Warsaw,...[more]

Category: other 30.10.2013

Workshop: From the Red Sea to the Gulf

Program Abstracts 2nd Circular 1st Circular We would like to invite all scholars and students to a workshop: FROM THE RED SEA TO THE GULF....[more]

Category: conferences, lectures, other 07.10.2013

Professor Wiktor Andrzej Daszewski: 50 years of research and 75th birthday anniversary

The double anniversary of 50 years of archaeological research and the 75th birthday of prof. Wiktor Andrzej Daszewski has been honored with the...[more]

Category: publications, other

Prince Eustachy Sapieha's gift for the Research Centre in Cairo

Prince Eustachy Sapieha’s heirs have recently donated 28 volumes to the book collection of the PCMA Research Centre in Cairo. In a letter to its...[more]

Category: other, Centre in Cairo

Palmyrean Blog

For current news from the archaeological excavations at the ancient site of Palmyra, see (in Polish): http://palmyra2010.blox.pl/html[more]

Category: other

Blogging from Tell el-Farkha

For current news from the archaeological excavations at the prehistoric site of Tell el-Farkha and Tell el-Murrah, see (in...[more]

Category: other

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