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The Clio book prize for Prof. Tomasz Waliszewski

Fot. A. Szymczak

The Director of the PCMA, Prof. Tomasz Waliszewski has been awarded the Clio prize of the first degree for his book Elaion. Olive Oil Production in...[more]

Category: distinctions, publications 04.12.2015

Call for Papers: Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean 25

The Editors of the annual Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean (PAM) are calling for papers for the 25th volume, which is scheduled to appear by...[more]

Category: publications, other 23.09.2015

Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean 23/1

The journal Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean, published by the Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology, University of Warsaw, has provided...[more]

Category: publications 19.06.2015

ELAION: book and database on ancient olive oil production

Our latest book, a monograph by Assoc. Prof. Tomasz Waliszewski on oleoculture in the Roman and Byzantine Syria–Palestine, is accompanied by an...[more]

Category: publications 01.04.2015

New PCMA publication: Beyond Ornamentation. Jewelry as an Aspect of Material Culture in the Ancient Near East

PAM Special Studies is a separate fascicle of our journal Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean which will bring together articles devoted to a...[more]

Category: publications 14.03.2015

Coins from Polish excavations in Palmyra

A new PCMA publication is available now: Studia Palmyreńskie 13. With this issue, the journal has been converted into a series which is inaugurated...[more]

Category: publications 02.03.2015

PAM Monograph Series 5: Faience Objects from Tell Atrib


We are happy to announce the first in a row of latest publications by the Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology. The volume, authored by Dr...[more]

Category: publications 16.02.2015

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