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EXHIBITION AND CONFERENCE: People, Places, Monuments. 20 years of Polish–Lebanese Cooperation in Archaeology and Conservation (1996–2016)

Roman temple in Chhim (Photo Adam Oleksiak)

Archaeologists from the University of Warsaw have been invited, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of their research in Lebanon, to share the...[more]

Category: conferences, research, exhibitions 16.09.2016

NEW BOOK: On Porphyreon and the pottery production in the Sidon hinterland

We are happy to announce our brand new publication: Porphyreon. Hellenistic and Roman Pottery Production in the Sidon Hinterland. This book, by Dr....[more]

Category: publications, research 16.09.2016

Lecture in the PCMA Research Centre in Cairo: A new archive from Late Antique Egypt

The PCMA Research Centre in Cairo has the pleasure of inviting you to a lecture from the PolAr lecture series (Polish Archaeology in...[more]

Category: lectures, Centre in Cairo, research 14.09.2016

WORKSHOP: "The Arabian Red Sea Route"

The Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology University of Warsaw and the PCMA Aynuna Project are pleased to announce the Call for Papers for a...[more]

Category: conferences, research 12.09.2016

Conference on the archaeology of Armenia

A conference on the archaeological research in the Republic of Armenia will be held at the University of Warsaw. The event, co-organized by the...[more]

Category: conferences, research 07.06.2016

Conference on research of the PCMA Mission in the Temple of Hatshepsut

Conference “Research projects in the Temple of Hatshepsut” will present an overview of ongoing work and current state of research of the PCMA mission...[more]

Category: conferences, research 31.05.2016

PCMA specialists return to Palmyra

K. Jurków, B. Markowski i R. Żukowski with the Lion of Allat in front of the Palmyra Museum (Photo PCMA Archive)

After an initial reconnaissance in early April 2016, conservators and archaeologists from the Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology, University...[more]

Category: other, research 18.05.2016

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